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Private Pilates
Equipment Session

Private 50 minute session catered to your needs and goals. By appointment only.

Introductory Session: $60


Monthly Invoicing: $56 per session calculated and due in advance on the 1st of the  month.

* If you cannot make your scheduled appointment please notify Jenny with 24 hours notice to avoid cancellation fee. Sessions cancelled inside of 24 hours will be charged for any reason will be charged 1/2 session.

Semi-Private Pilates
Equipment Session

Share your 50 minute session with someone who shares your goals and is practicing at a similar level.You can select the person you want to share a session with or Jenny can help match you.

Monthly Invoicing: $38 per participant per session due in advance on the 1st of the month.

* Sessions canceled inside of 24 hours will be charged the full session amount. If you need to cancel outside of 24 hours, the other participant will have the opportunity to still take the session as a private at the private session rate.

Group Tower
Equipment Session

A full-body Pilates Tower class teaching strengthening and lengthening exercises that are perfect for anyone looking to improve their core strength as well as balance and flexibility. Tower equipment classes add the element of resistance into all exercises to improve strength and mobility within your hips, spine and shoulders. At the end of every class we will include a dynamic and fun stretching series. Offered in small groups of 3 or 4 participants, $26 per person when you sign up for a session.

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